Sunday Family Dinner

We eat our salad last

An Education

The biggest reason for taking on this product is the education. I’ll be the first to claim my Italian heritage and can very easily work my way around a kitchen, but there is SO MUCH I do not know. Which means I bet you know even less than me. Just kidding. For some.

When you say “I want Italian tonight” what does that mean to you? Just as BBQ has its variety in different parts of this country and only proper Creole cuisine can be found in the New Orleans region, Italian cooking doesn’t really exist. Cooking in Italy is regional and can vary greatly between even the closest of cities. As is quoted in The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, “…there are unbridgeable differences between Bologna and Florence, which are only sixty miles apart…Bologna will stuff veal with succulent Parma ham, coat it with aged Parmesan, saute it in butter and conceal it all under an extravagant blanket of shaved white truffles. Florence takes a T-bone steak of noble size, grills it quickly over the incandescent embers of a wood fire, adding nothing but the aroma of olive oil and a grinding of pepper. Both can be triumphs.”

Without further delay…let eat!

  • 21 February 2011